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Ships Nov 2024

I made a font called cryptaglyphs
and you can Find it on itch.io

MIRU I, miru ii, & the static abyss soundtrack
are available digitally on itch.io & physically on the mimic shop

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Hinokodo is a Co-Founder of Mimic Publishing

More details about these projects can be found on the Atopia Discord.

Here are the elevator pitches for them:

MIRU 3 – is a solo hex crawling game where the player must defend their village from an onslaught of robots sent by an AI god. 

The MIRU Hex kit – is a box to store all of the MIRU books and includes hex tiles and board game components to make the miru experience more physical. 

Cards & Coins – is a box of metal & cardboard coins to be used as a general money supply for a wide variety of games. It also includes a deck of custom multi-use playing cards and 3 new games that feature solo modes, one of the games is called Kin Kado and plays similar to poker. 

Glitch – is a solo-first monster catching trading card adventure game. Take any 3 packs of cards to play or begin with the starter kit and grow your deck through a journey. 

PONDUS – is a hex flipping adventure game where the players are wizards on the hunt for the orbs of power. Designed to be a solo-first game, but features a battle royale mode for up to 4 players. 

Fermentation Wizards – is a series of board games where players manage a rotating hex of cards to build & grow an alcohol empire. Each game focuses on a different form of alcohol and plays 1-2 players, but games can combined for higher player counts.

CHESS+ – is an expansion to the classic abstract war game. All the pieces to play the classic game and more, with new abilities and strategies that keep the old, fresh! 

(codename: Monopoly) – is a board game where players manage properties, workers, and neighborhoods as they outcompete each other for glory and riches. The general aim for this project is to ‘fix’ monopoly.