Frequently Asked questions

What is hinokodo?

We’re a goods & apparel brand with a solarpunk flare. Founded in 2019 by KELLEY CHANCE in response to the fast fashion industry and it’s destructive actions.


It’s kind of like cyberpunk, but the opposite. Cyberpunk is a dystopian vision of the future where the capitalists win, the world is filled with high tech gadgets, but most people live in poverty; “High tech, Low life”. Solarpunk is a response to that by offering a utopian vision of the future where anarchy wins, the world is filled with high tech gadgets, but most people live in prosperity and the environment thrives; “High tech, High Life”.

TLDR; It’s utopian eco-friendly anarchy.

What is carbon offsetting and is it really helpful?

Carbon Offsetting is an alternative to producing less greenhouse emissions by pushing it off on to someone else. Depending on who you’re funding however, it can be very helpful and better than doing nothing. 

At Hinokodo we start by reducing the quantity we order to prevent waste and energy use, we use recycled & organic materials where possible, and then we offset double what we do end up producing.

We support the projects over at We also over pay by 10% to cover their admin costs. Currently it costs us about $16.08 to offset 1,000kg of greenhouse emissions. (For Reference, We offset 10kg per pin)

What is your Give Back Program?

$1 from every product sale goes towards an organization usually related to the product in some way. We don’t necessarily buy into the notion that financial help should only come from the ultra rich. Charity should be democratic, and with every product you pick out, we support a good cause! 


For us, it means to be open about everything. Maybe it’s too much information, but we think that consumers should know where our products are made, how much it costs us, the carbon footprint over the life of our products, and where all our money goes. Maybe this is a terrible idea, but we just think being honest is the best approach.


At the moment our preorder system operates like mini crowdfunding campaigns for each individual product. Once a goal has been reached we can make the product and begin shipping it out to folks. 

When you make a preorder purchase, it will be in your cart with all your other items. The money for preordered products is automatically applied to that item’s campaign. However it won’t ship until the goal is reached, please keep this in mind as it could take a few months or more for a product to reach it’s goal and there are no refunds available for preorders. 

Preorder times should improve as we gain popularity and we appreciate your patience with us for these types of products. 

What is your shipping policy?

Shipping is a flat $5 & we only ship in the United States right now.

The cost to ship things across the country varies wildly depending on the weight, dimensions, distance, and quantities of each order. Our flat rate is a little under the average of all our orders so far. 

All packaging we use to ship products to you are made with recycled or compostable materials. Please discard them appropriately.

Because preordered products will ship separately from the rest of your order, a separate shipping charge of $1+$2 per item will apply.

What is your return policy?

If there’s an issue with your product, contact us, and we’ll help you replace or return it at no charge to you. 

All products we sell are very durable and should last for a decade or longer if taken care of. (That’s part of the sustainability aspect of our business) 

We do not accept returns for digital or preordered products.