Frequently Asked questions

What is hinokodo?

We’re a sustainable and eco-friendly streetwear brand. Started back in 2019 by KELLEY CHANCE, a Texas artist, in response to the fast fashion industry and it’s destructive actions. 

what makes you sustainable and eco-friendly?

We believe in climate change and that while there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, as fellow citizens, it’s our duty to leave a positive impact where we can. 

All of our products and orders are carbon negative. (We do this by carbon offsetting and limiting our carbon output by using recycled and compostable materials when available.) All orders are carbon offset at no additional cost to consumers, that’s our price to pay for doing business. 

You can learn more about our carbon footprint by reading our annual report.   

How much carbon do you offset per order?

The real math can get complicated quick. The short and fast of it is that, for each step in the process of getting a product to your door, contributes about 1kg of CO2, totaling about 5kg per product. From our research this is an over-estimation of the actual CO2 produced, but we offset double that just to be extra safe. 

You can find out more about this topic in our True Costs™ Breakdown

I see ‘supports:’ on each product page, what is that?

For every sale of a product, $1 goes towards a cause or organization. It’s different for each product, usually it’s related to the subject of the product. Political pins usually support a political cause and so on. 

What is your shipping policy?

Shipping is $4 + $1 for every other item. 

We only ship through USPS and UPS because we want to support unions when we can and they usually do a good job. Unless you have a particularly large order, most orders are shipped through USPS. (There’s no option with shipping to prevent these companies from handing off packages to other carriers. So if you do get a delivery from Fedex, it didn’t originate that way with our orders.)

All packaging we use to ship products to you are made with recycled or compostable materials. Please discard them appropriately.

What is your return policy?

If there’s an issue with your product, contact us, and we’ll help you replace or return it at no charge to you. 

All products we sell are very durable and should last for a decade or more if taken care of. (That’s part of the sustainability aspect of our business) 

When do you add new products?

We add at least one enamel pin to our catalog each month, sometimes more! We add our apparel items when inspiration strikes, which could be anytime. Our zines come out quarterly!

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